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Sonubaits is at the forefront of bait innovation, and is committed to producing bait for the modern angler. To do this, it works closely with a team of consultants, each an expert in their field. These expert consultants include former World Champion match angler Tommy Pickering, as well as Ade Kiddell, himself a barbel specialist.

Sonubaits realises that the only way to produce great bait that helps catch fish is to listen to anglers who are out at the bank. By listening to how they want their baits to perform in specific situations for specific types of fishing, the company can fine tune its bait production to produce exactly the type of bait that will make a difference on the bank. It creates products that perform fantastically across the carp, coarse and match, and specialist disciplines, meaning there is something for every angler and every fishing style.

Sonubaits then uses its comprehensive sources to get only the best ingredients, and combines them in its top of the range manufacturing facilities to create precisely the bait that leading anglers want. With its extensive knowledge of fish behaviour it is able to meet the demands of the modern angler and create bait that will get more catches.

Before any of its bait is released on the market, Sonubaits puts it to the test. With its links to anglers at the top of their sport in the UK and across Europe, you can be rest assured that the bait you are using has been approved by the very best. You can see its top consultants in action on its website. On the blog page you can read about some of the best catches its team of anglers have made, and the bait types and techniques that got them there. On the gallery you can see pictures of some of the great catches its top anglers are making each week.

Not content with this, Sonubaits also has a ‘Top Tips’ section of its website. This page gives one top tip for each month of the fishing calander. This way, you know exactly what sort of baiting techniques you should be using as the seasons change. It also provides tips on scaling down tackle depending on the season, and movement between swims to catch the best fish. On the article section of the site you can read longer tips and tricks from its top anglers as well as the latest angling news.

Sonubaits now have large ranges of some of the most popular Supercrush Groundbaits, Pro Groundbaits, So Natural Groundbaits, Groundbait and Pellet Binder, Feed Pellets, Fin Perfect Feed Pellets, Stiki Method Pellets, F1 Feed Pellets, Krill Feed Pellets, Pro Expander Pellets, One to One Paste, Fibre Paste, Band'um Wafters, Hookable Pro Expander Pellets, Clear Pellet Oil, Haze and Bait Booster

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