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When out fishing, a range of Seatbox Accessories are essential within an anglers kit. Whether it be a Rod Rest, Side Tray, Umbrella Clamp, it's a must have within your kit. Here at The Angling Shop we offer a range of the essential Seatbox Accessories you need as an angler. This includes the NuFish Hooded Side Tray, NuFish Aqualock Slim Side Tray, NuFish Aqualock Side Tray, NuFish Brolly Clamp and the NuFish Rod Rests.


NuFush Aqualock Side Tray - The aqualock side tray is designed to keep you bait and tackle in tip top condition , protecting it from the elements , the adjustable folding lid will keep the sun and rain out while still giving you easy access in even the most adverse of fishing conditions.

The tray is constructed from high quality PVC twin coated nylon with reinforced seams and corners, with a sturdy hard base giving a nice flat internal surface for your bait.
This is supported on a solid aluminium frame which will support the weight of the contents, a telescopic leg is included for extra support when needed.

The lid is fitted with 2 piston style arms that have friction collars fitted so you can adjust the tension , allowing you to fish with the lid in any position required but still allowing easy access even in  heavy rain and wind

Internal storage space of 560mm x 360mm x 120mm will accommodate upto 6 x 3 pint bait tubs but the nature of the soft aqualock nylon side panels will allow it to be packed down to 30mm in depth, so this tray will fit into your carryall or net bag for easy transportation

NuFush Aqualock Side Tray SlimWith the same weather beating features as our already popular side tray the new slim version has been extended in length, but with a nice slim width perfect to fit onto the rear of any seatbox. Its designed to take items like hooklentgh storage systems which need to be kept dry at all times , and with Bait boxes fitting perfectly it means it can be used to the side like any normal tray. With its soft , reinforced bottom section it will fold flat for easy transport and it incorporates 2 sliding leg mouldings that will fit 36mm, 25mm round and 19mm and 23mm square legs. With Internal Spool ,Tool and phone pocket built into the lid and a metric and Inches measure down the frame.

NuFish Hooded Side Tray - Developed from the lightweight 6040 tray, the hooded version allows you to protect your bait quickly from the elements, whether that be from rain or sunshine.

NuFish Double Brolly Clamp - This unique umbrella arm has been designed with 2 brackets in one to give twice the support of a normal bracket. Also incorporating two threaded screw to secure the brolly spike in use.

NuFish Yoga Rest - This Rod Rest is an essential piece of equipment in any anglers bag. The NuFish Yoga rest has an incredible build quality and sturdiness. It can bend to any position you need to and is made from line friendly EVA Foam.

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