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Ringers Groundbait - "I have never wanted to produce too many different groundbaits. I am so proud of and confident in the blends we produce that I want anglers to get behind those rather than constantly release new baits that could confuse anglers rather than actually help them.

But last year I saw the need for something different in the range. I have never produced a sweet groundbait before and I saw a real opening for a sweet fishmeal feeder groundbait in the range. So it was time to set to work and start researching what makes a good sweet groundbait."

"I needed to look at everything from scratch. Good but simple ingredients are always best in my experience and despite what people may tell you, the best mixes are usually just a combination of four or five ingredients that complement each other. The new mix needed to be versatile, it needed to be easy to mix, it needed to have some fishmeal and it needed that sweet element. "

"It probably took 12 months of trying various combinations of ingredients before I finally settled on what we have here. Lots of testing and mixing goes into designing a groundbait, because let’s be honest, what good is a mix that doesn’t help to catch lots of fish?"

 - Phil Ringer

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Groundbaits are a mixture of crushed or milled ingredients which you will typically find available on the market. All Groundbait mixes are different as they contains different ratios of ingredients formulated to achieve a verity of different goals on the bank. One ingredietn you will tend to find in the majority of Groundbaits is Fismeal. Fishmeal is a potent smelling ingredient consisting of crushed up fish bones, guts and other fish parts. However there is some exceptions to fishmeal-based Groundbait which include the Sonubaits So Natural range of Groundbaits. 

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