Ringers began with a small range of pellets available on a small scale. They had no Groundbaits, expanders, hook baits or tools, just pellets. Now Ringers are one of the leading fishing bait manufactures within the UK for coarse fishing. They now have a range of Groundbaits, Paste, Pellets, Liquids, Pellet pumps and more. Here at Swanlands, we are proud to stock their products on our shelves. Here at The Angling Shop we are proud to say that we are a stockist of Ringers baits. Ringers is a well know brand within the fishing community and they offer a variety of great baits and tools. Including: Bag Up Carp Ranges, Pure Ground Ranges etc... 

The company is family owned and ran by Philip Ringer who's brother, Steve Ringers, is well known in the angling community. The families experience within the angling industry is one of the key reason why their bait is so good. The brothers understanding of what anglers want and what fish love they have learnt from their fishing experience ensures that they can develop and create some of the best and most well known baits on the market.

One key product in the Ringers Baits range are their Groundbaits. They make groundbait in various different flavours: Bag Up, Dark Green, Method Mix and Meaty Red, just to name a few, which are loved by almost any angler. Again, their extensive knowledge and experience in the fishing industry has enabled the brothers to bring some of the best fishing groudbaits to the market. Another very popular product in Ringers Bait range are their boilies/wafters. Alike their groundbaits, the Ringers wafters are also available in a variety of different flavours, they key flavours being: Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Yellow, Allsorts and Standard Pellet. All boilies/wafters are available in a 70g tub with a screw-able lid so they can be reused without having to be put in a bag or bait box. Most boilies are available in a 6mm size with the exemption of some 10mm options in the Chocolate ranges. After lots of anglers using their boilies/wafters, the most popular flavour is Allsorts. The Ringers Allsorts wafters is still in a 70g tub with a screw-able lid, but have a variety of different flavours within on tub: fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow and white wafters. This means they are a great value for money. To achieve perfect presentation to the fish Phil Ringers recommends the Guru QM1 size 12 hook, or other manufacturers alternatives.

Next, another one of Ringers most loved baits is the Ringers Bag Up Original Paste. Phil Ringer and his brother have noticed that fishing on paste has always been big in the fishing game. Therefore, they decided to make an easy to use and mix paste. The 'Just Add Water' format means that any angler can have great paste in a matter of minutes instead of having to make their own from scratch the night/s before.

Here are The Angling Shop we stock the majority of Ringers products: Groundbait, Paste, Wafters, Boilies, Liquids, Sprays, Hard Feeder Pellets, Expander Pellets, Pellet Pumps, Floating Pellet Banders, Floating Disgorgers