Sonubaits So Natural Lake Groundbait

Sonubaits So Natural Lake Groundbait

SKU: S0780004
  • Contains breadcrumb, cereals and spices
  • Perfect for all species of silverfish
  • Use on the pole or feeder
  • Use 1 pint of water to mix a 1kg bag
  • Binding Rating - 2
  • Texture Rating - 1
  • Available in a 1kg bag



We have developed these groundbaits in conjunction with some of the best silverfish anglers in the UK including Des Shipp, Lee Kerry, Steve Saunders, Mick Vials, Michael Buchwalder & Will Freeman


We took a fresh look at the market and decided to produce four new groundbaits all of which could be mixed straight from the bag or mixed with the others in the range to tailor a groundbait for a specific day on a specific venue.


Being able to mix them with each other was of great importance to all of our anglers as natural venues change and therefore the groundbait needs to change to suit the conditions and the methods on the day.


In general to create a heavier mix for slower break down in deeper water use So Natural River to strengthen the mix, for a darker mix with less feed increase the amount of So Natural Black, for a more active, lighter mix increase the amount of So Natural Lake and for a mix which is sweeter with a higher food content increase the amount of So Natural Bream, the possibilities really are endless.