Ringers Pink Washout Wafters 6mm

Ringers Pink Washout Wafters 6mm

  • 6mm Soft Pop-Ups
  • Pale Pink Colour
  • 70 grams per pot
  • Easy to Mould
  • Semi-Buoyant Presentation



These Ringers Pink Wafters comes in 6mm sizes so are relatively small in comparison to other pop-up baits on the market. The Ringers wafters are packed with natural oils and flavours making them incredibly attractive to passing carp.


Supplied in a 70gr jar, the wafter boilie is ready to use straight from the pot. Offering a semi-buoyancy presentation, these wafters are designed to make the bait move naturally when fish are feeding in the area. Unlike the conventional boilie that is designed to sit hard on the lake bed.


To successfully produce a semi-buoyant presentation, Phil Ringer suggests using a size 16 QM1 rig. Shaped like a mini dumbell boilie, they can be easily banded or hair rigged. These Ringers baits utilise the weight of the hook as an anchor, to keep them close to the lake bed but still able to waft about when a fish is active over your baited spot (thus the name Wafter).


The bait ball is bright flouro pink in colour so the angler can notice as soon as the bait is taken.  Loved by skimmers and carp, these wafters will also be attractive to most species of coarse fish.


If you want to bring in fairly big bites and easily mould your boilie into your prefered shape, the Ringers Pink Wafters are brilliant to use.