Dinsmores Cork Plummets - 14g

Dinsmores Cork Plummets - 14g

  • Plummets are vital pieces of kit for the float or pole angler
  • They are used to find the depth
  • Clip to the hook and cast out to find the correct depth of a swim
  • The plummet used ought to be heavier than the float's capacity
  • So that it will pull the float under if the rig is set too shallow
  • There are a variety of plummets that have cork bases
  • The hook has to be pushed into the cork for maximum use



Dinsmores Cork Plummet

An essential tackle item for the float or pole angler, the Dinsmores Cork Plummet is vital for finding the depth of your swim. To use, simply push the end of your hook into the cork base and cast out. The plummet you use should always be heavier than your float’s capacity, because if you’ve set your rig too shallow your plummet needs to be heavy enough to pull your float under the water. This is why the Dinsmores Cork Plummet is available in three different weights, 7g, 14g, and 24g, to enable you to pick the perfect weight for your rig setup, ensuring you do not cause any damage to your line whilst you are plumbing the depths of your swim.

Knowing the exact depth of the water in front of you is vital, as not only does it determine how many pole sections you need to fish with but also how much line you need in your rig and how heavy your bait needs to be. Having an understanding of the depths of the water in front of you, then, is vital for getting a good rig set up and can make all the difference between a successful trip and a disappointing one.

Plumbing with a plummet also helps you feature find under the water and will enable you to build a profile of your swim. This will have a direct impact on where you chose to cast out, as what might look like a great spot from the surface could be dire under the depths of the water. You can also use your plummet to determine the state of the river, lake, or canal bed. Soft, hard, flat, uneven, snags, or clear – all of these features can be determined by the use of a plummet with a little experience. For example, a plummet might need extra assistance being pulled from a soft bottomed swim, or it may bring up weeds etc in a snaggy swim.

As you can see, a plummet is a vital bit of kit that every angler should carry with them in their tackle box – and the Dinsmores Cork Plummet is the best of the bunch!