Red, Red and more Red!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I got a few hours on the bank at Swanlands Fishing Lakes on Peg 2 on Cherry Lake. I decided to chose some baits a little different than I typically uses at this venue, which included the Sonubaits Pro Robin Red Groundbait and the brand new, just released, Peg No.1 Strawberry Corn, along with some soaked Skretting Micro Pellets.

I would typically use a more natural coloured groundbait at Swanlands but decided to mix things up a bit and try something I am not too familiar with

To mix the 900g bag of Sonubaits Pro Robin Red Groundbait I used around 1 pint of water to get it to the correct consistency. Once most of the water had absorbed into the groundbait powder, after about 5-10 minutes I riddled the groundbait to give it a nice, smooth, fluffy texture.

I then proceeded to add some of the Peg No.1 Strawberry Sweetcorn and Soaked Skretting Micros to the groundbait mixture. After this I put a large cup of the groudbait down the margin where I decided to fish about 8-10m away. I let the Groundbait sit whilst adding another half a cup of soaked micros to attract the larger fish

I was really impressed how the groundbait held its form whilst also creating a small red cloud of goodness when added to the water. I was also very impressed with the new Peg No.1 Strawberry Sweetcorn as it held its form very well and did not come off the hook easily a like other Sweetcorns I have used in the past

On the hook I began by using a single piece of Sweetcorn and having it sit just off of the bottom. On this I caught a couple of Bream and F1's.

As I was trying to target the larger fish, I decided to step up to hooking double sweetcorn and cupping in slightly more micros than groundbait in my cup.

After waiting a white for the bait to settle, the carp finally came in and I managed to catch a few decent size carp between 6-10lb.

Overall, both the baits did both perform well but I think would be better suited in other waters

I still think that Cherry Lake is more suited to a more natural coloured or green groundbait rather than the bright extravagant colours. Next time I might try using a more natural groundbait with the same Strawberry Sweetcorn as the double red combo may have made it harder for the fish to find the hook bait as it blended in more as it would have done with a different coloured groundbait

- Oliver Hall

The Angling Shop

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