Peg No.1

Peg No.1 is a premium match fishing brand created by Copdock Angling who have a great history of producing high quality fishing baits. Working closely with our consultants we have developed a range of baits to help anglers achieve number one status.

One of Peg No.1's most iconic products is their range of Method Kits. Peg No.1's Method Kits are available in Original Pellet, Spicy Krill, Betaine Green and Sweet Fishmeal flavours. Complete micro method kit includes the finest selected pellets, activator liquid, wafter hook baits and a measuring cup to guarantee perfectly prepared micros every time. Simply pour flavour activator into cup and full to the brim with lake water. Pour over pellets, replace lid and shake at regular intervals until ready. Perfect micros in 20-30 minutes. This a great and easy way to create a range of attractive baits from one kit, and at only £5.50 its a bargain!


Another one of Peg No.1's most know baits is their Peg No.1 Mayhem series Groundbaits. Peg No.1 Mayhem Groundbait flavours include: Mayhem Meat, Mayhem Margin Mix, Mayhem F1 Nautral, Mayhem F1 Dark, Mayhem Krill and Mayhem Green. The Peg No.1 Mayhem Groundbaits have been created by Copdock Angling's years of knowledge within the fishing industry. The specially formulated specialist Groundbaits contain a top quality blend of the finest ingredients and produce excellent results whilst fishing.

The Peg No.1 Mayhem name is also brought onto their range of Expander Pellet and Pellet Soaks, which work great in conjunction with each other.

Mayhem Expanders - The Peg No.1 Mayhem Expanders are available in 4mm and 6mm sizes and in a 500g bag. They can be easily pumped with a Ringers Pellet Pump with great results. You can flavour them in two ways with any of the Peg No.1 Mayhem Pellet Soaks or your own fishing liquid flavours. You can either add some flavouring directly into the water when pumping, or add the flavouring into a bait box with the expanders, it couldn't be easier.


Mayhem Pellet Soaks - The Peg No.1 Pellet Soaks are, again, available in Peg No.1's great variety of flavourings: Mayhem F1, Mayhem F1 Dark, Mayhem Spicy Krill, Mayhem Betaine Green and Mayhem Worm.These potent water soluble pellet soaks are full of liquid foods and amino triggers. Versatile and impossible to overdose they are perfect for a variety of bait applications including pre-soaking feed pellets, pumping expanders, adding to ground bait mixes and making pastes. Being PVA friendly they are also perfect liquid for dipping and boosting ‘T bags’.

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