Groundbaits are a key item in an anglers bait arsonary. Groundbaits are used to attract fish to your swim by releasing a fish-attracting potent pong. Here at The Angling Shop we stock your favorite Groundbaits which have some of the most irresistible flavors within the fishing community from: Sonubaits, Ringers, Bait Tech, Van Den Eynde, Peg No 1, Copdock Angling and more...

Groundbaits are a mixture of crushed or milled ingredients which you will typically find available on the market. All Groundbait mixes are different as they contains different ratios of ingredients formulated to achieve a verity of different goals on the bank. One ingredietn you will tend to find in the majority of Groundbaits is Fismeal. Fishmeal is a potent smelling ingredient consisting of crushed up fish bones, guts and other fish parts. However there is some exceptions to fishmeal-based Groundbait which include the Sonubaits So Natural range of Groundbaits. 

Groundbait comes in lots of different colours with the most popular being brown, black, green and red. Different colours of groundbaits are suited to different types of settings and conditions. For expample, a darker coloured groundbait tends to be used in clearer waters or in the winter, or on the other hand, green and natural coloured groundbaits are great to use on more commercial fisheries where you need your groundbait to blend in with the lake bed so your hook bait stands out. Red groundbaits also work well in cloudy waters and it is a favourite for carp, bream, and tench. You can also dye your neutral brown groundbait to improve your chances of a catch. Adding other elements to your mix will make it perform differently in the water and, as such, will change the reaction you get from the fish. One popular choice of bait to add to your Groundbait Mix is Hempseed. As we all know Hempseed is loved by Carp as it is oily and fizzing, not only does hempseed introduce an element of movement into your groundbait mix but it also send out very attractive flavours. Mixing in pellets, sweetcorn, or crushed boilies adds other elements into your groundbait mix, too. Many anglers have one base mix when they use groundbait which they trust to bring fish whatever condition, for expample a lot of peoples choices include Bait Tech Special G Green or the Sonubaits Match Method Mix. However, sometimes these groundbaits alone do not match the venue they are fishing or are not being used to the best. In this case, adding a coloured Breadcrumb or Boilie Crush can change the texture and colour of your Groundbaits easily with not much hassle.

Groundbaits can also be mixed and moulded into different shapes and textures. This can range from small, easily moulded, balls which can be achieved by adding a little more water to the mix, or a more fine dryer mix to mold around the Method Feeder. However, if you are fishing pole one of the most effective ways of fishing with Groundbait is to put one large cup in where you are going to fish and add smaller cups clipped to the end of your pole every time you go out. For fishing out in-front of Skimmers, F1's or Bream, a finer groundbait is typically to go to choice for most anglers. On the other hand, when fishing down the margins where there is predominantly Carp, a heavier, more coarse Groundbait mix is preferable so it keeps its position and consists of larger chunks for the Carp to feed on, Sonubaits Margin Carp is ideal of the margins.

Finally, Groundbaits range in prices and package sizes hugely. You will find the heavier fishmeal mixes will be slightly more expensive then the normal biscuit or cereal based Groundbaits. Groundbait prices can range from £3 to £100 dependent on the size or mix the groundbait consists of. 

Ringers Groundbait - "I have never wanted to produce too many different groundbaits. I am so proud of and confident in the blends we produce that I want anglers to get behind those rather than constantly release new baits that could confuse anglers rather than actually help them.

But last year I saw the need for something different in the range. I have never produced a sweet groundbait before and I saw a real opening for a sweet fishmeal feeder groundbait in the range. So it was time to set to work and start researching what makes a good sweet groundbait."

"I needed to look at everything from scratch. Good but simple ingredients are always best in my experience and despite what people may tell you, the best mixes are usually just a combination of four or five ingredients that complement each other. The new mix needed to be versatile, it needed to be easy to mix, it needed to have some fishmeal and it needed that sweet element. "

"It probably took 12 months of trying various combinations of ingredients before I finally settled on what we have here. Lots of testing and mixing goes into designing a groundbait, because let’s be honest, what good is a mix that doesn’t help to catch lots of fish?"

 - Phil Ringer

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Bait Tech Groundbait - Is most successful for fish attraction and goes right back to the times of Issac Walton 300 years ago. Although more sophisticated in modern day it is still the most powerful method to attract and hold fish in your swim.

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