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Copdock Angling has over 100 years of experience in the fishing industry. This means they source top quality ingredients, particle and pellets for their baits. They have also been supplying the UK Fishing Industry with a wide range of excellent bait products for over 30 years. Copdock Angling's products are innovative and include the staple must have items. This includes the Breadcrumbs, hemp seed, crushed hemp and groundbaits just to name a few.

One of Copdock Angling's key baits in their coarse Range involves the fast breakdown pellets. They are available in Bloodworm and Scopex Pellet flavours in a 3mm size. They are an extremely high attract pellets and are manufactured be compressing the ingredients rather than extruding them with heat, which creates a more open structure that gives a much quicker break down time and ensures rapid dispersion of the attractors. This creates a fizzing carpet of feed that attracts and holds feeding fish.

Another one of Copdock Angling's most loved baits are their Breadcrumbs. Copdock Angling's Breadcrumb is available in various different variants: White, Brown, Red, Green, Yellow and Black. Made at Copdock Mill using the best tried and tested ingredients together with 100 years of manufacturing expertise. Quality, innovation and knowledge guaranteed. Copdock Mill are the experts in sourcing and blending a wide range of quality particles including hemp, tigers and partimix. Easy to prepare and loved by carp, bream, tech and barbel. Excellent value makes them ideal for big baiting campaigns and any big fish situation all year round. Best quality fine breadcrumbs freshly baked, milled and packed. Can be used neat or mixed into any groundbait.

Furthermore, Copdock Angling also manufacture Halibut Pellet Tubs. Ever since they have been released, anglers have been loving them. The Copdock Angling Halibut Pellet tubs are the best quality high oil and high energy hook baits that are renowned for sorting out specimen fish of most species. These potent oily pellets are pre-drilled to make perfect presentation easy when targeting big barbel, carp or catfish. They are also Supplied in a handy 800g re-sealable tub.

Finally, as we cant cover all of Copdock's products, another one of their best baits are their prepared tares. The Copdock Angling Prepared Tares are the perfect prepared hook baits that are soft enough to hook but tough enough to fish either on a waggler or pole. These black tares are brilliant when fishing over hemp for roach and chub and they also come in re-sealable tube. They area available in three flavours: Natural, Aniseed and Berry Burst.

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