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Here at The Angling Shop we are proud to say that we stock Bait Tech online and in-store. "Bait-Tech have invested heavily in a team of top-class anglers from all over the UK to make sure we are getting feedback from where it’s needed – out on the bank. There are no shortcuts to producing our range, with extensive testing and development involving our team of experts. We want to make certain we get it absolutely right.  Our technicians have developed a range which gives anglers a product which is simply the best quality bait available in today’s market. It gives our customers the best chance of catching more fish!"

Bait Tech is one of the UK's leading coarse fishing bait manufacturers and their range of Groundbaits, Pellets, Expadners, Soft Hookers, Wafters, Additives, Hemp and Sweetcorn is loved by many anglers. Bait-Tech is proud of the time it spends trialling and testing its products. From bench testing the products in the lab, to tank testing feeding responses, and, finally, and its team of match and specimen anglers spend hours on the bank testing each product. For example, the Bait-Tech Carp Method Mix Sweet Coconut took 19 different recipes before the team was happy to put the product on the shelves. In this way, Bait-Tech baits are tested right to the extremes of angling, so they will perform to the maximum no matter what level of angling you are at, and no matter how challenging the waters are.

Bait Tech's aim is clearly to bring anglers the best baits on the market which will always help them catch fish

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The Angling Shop work in conjunction with Swanlands Fishing Lakes based in Thorne, Doncaster. We have a carefully selected range of Coarse and Match Fishing Baits and Tackle loved by anglers from brands Including NuFish, Sonubaits, Bait Tech, Ringers, Maxima, Kamasan, Copdock Angling, Peg No.1 Van Dan Eynde, Dinsmores, Crafty Catcher and more...

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