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Sonubaits Power Scopex Groundbait

Sonubaits Power Scopex Groundbait


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About Us

The Angling Shop work in conjunction with Swanlands Fishing Lakes based in Thorne, Doncaster. We have a carefully selected range of Coarse and Match Fishing Baits and Tackle loved by anglers from brands Including NuFish, Sonubaits, Bait Tech, Ringers, Maxima, Kamasan, Copdock Angling, Peg No.1 Van Dan Eynde, Dinsmores, Crafty Catcher and more...

Call: +44 (0)7809 900210

Email: sales@theanglingshop.co.uk


Visit our store:

The Angling Shop,

South End,

Thorne, Doncaster

South Yorkshire


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